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Virtual and Hybrid Events & Conferences


Whilst the ‘office based’, ‘work-from-home’ or ‘blended working’ debate rages on, keeping your teams and colleagues engaged, motivated and fully focussed on high levels of productivity remains as vital as it ever was for you.

Online Event Planners

When face-to-face interaction at live events isn’t possible, MTL Events will help you to create and run extraordinary online events that will connect people globally and immerse them in an experience that is closer to the theatre, and the excitement of a physical event, where they can access the valuable content, you want to share, so long–term business value is realised.

Engage with your audience.

Every conference, no matter how large or small, is a flagship event providing you with an optimal chance to engage, inspire, motivate and educate your audience, to drive your business performance forwards.

Make people remember you.

MTL Events are experts in keeping costs to an absolute minimum, boosting attendee satisfaction and adding value to your vision in terms of what does, and does not work well (based upon our experience).

Every element is carefully considered; detailed planning, meticulous management, captivating content and flawless execution – all executed with flair to produce a highly memorable conference.

Team Building (BCorp Compliant)

Exceed your goals.

MTL Events deliver a team building experience to meet specific goals of each company, unite your leaders and staff members, in a fun setting, to:

  • Encourage greater levels of creative team problem-solving.
  • Build trust and breakdown silos.
  • Improve individual and inter-team communication.
  • Inspire active participation for everyone
  • Provide a shared experience to ‘last in the memory’.

Team building activities can be immersed within other Corporate event programmes, and will drive improvements in your EBITDA performance.

Global Incentives

Seemless results for your business.

MTL Events excels in creating and delivering incentive travel programmes, including incredible ‘money can’t buy’ experiences that your colleagues will talk about forever.

Your ROI will almost certainly be too intangible to measure, but your people will absolutely want to be on an MTL Events incentive trip and will strive hard to get there.

With extensive destination knowledge and a worldwide contact base, we will put the heavy lifting into the design of a programme that is seamless, successful and ultimately generates the right results to drive your business performance forwards.

We support you.

With our team alongside you, working discreetly, professionally and quickly behind the scenes, you’ll feel reassured that any potential problems are anticipated before they arise, or resolved before they affect your event.

By releasing you from these concerns, you’ll be able to focus on the specific content of your event, looking after your guests or delegates and soaking up the positive feedback as you bask in the glory of yet another fantastic event.

Complimentary Global Venue Sourcing

We can save you money.

MTL Events leverage the collective buying power of our entire client base and use it to deliver the most competitive price, back to you On average, we save our clients 35% of their spend.

Finding the right location for your event can be time sapping and frustrating. Have you got the ‘up-front’ time to invest in the creating of a stack-ranked shortlist of fantastic destinations, with top-quality venues? Not forgetting the additional time & language difficulties associated with negotiating the best rates.

The right venue, at the right price.

Getting the right venue for the right price is one of the most important decisions you’ll make! We’re able to remove the stress and the workload for you.

Not only is MTL Events ‘Venue Sourcing’ Service totally complimentary for you, but it is also a stand-alone offering and not subject to you booking any other MTL Events service.

  • Largest ‘Bang for Your Buck’: We are independent of all venue & hotel chains, which means we can go deep for the best prices, anywhere.
  • Transparency: Detailed proposals outlining pro’s & con’s for all of your venue options.
  • Stretch Your Thinking: We always include at least one choice that will challenge your vision with ‘left field’ improvements on your original brief.
  • Protect Your Cash-Flow: MTL Events will extend credit line to avoid losing a venue to another organisation
  • Huge Network: We are very well connected to the right venues and market leading suppliers.